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After Petrol, LPG Price increase of Rs.39 per kg in Pakistan

Islamabad:  The caretaker government has also hiked the domestic LPG cylinder price by Rs 15 after a huge increase in the price of petrol.  LPG rates increased after petrol prices

The caretaker government in Islamabad has raised the price of domestic LPG cylinders by Rs 15, following a major hike in petrol prices. The cost per kg of LPG has gone up from Rs 201.15 to Rs 240.12. This means an 11.8 kg cylinder now costs Rs 2833.49, up by Rs 459.85. Ogra has officially announced this price increase.

This comes at a time when prices for essential items like chicken, sugar, pulses, and vegetables are already high, making it difficult for everyday people to afford basic necessities.

The price of LPG per kg has been increased by Rs 38 97 paise, after which the price per kg has increased from Rs 201 15 paise to Rs 240 12 paise.

After the increase in LBG prices, the price of 11.8 kg cylinder increased by Rs 459 85 paise, while the price of an 11.8 kg domestic cylinder increased from Rs 2373 and 64 paise to Rs 2833 and 49 paise.

Ogra has issued a notification to increase the price of LPG.

Just yesterday, the government had hiked the prices of petrol and diesel, while the prices of essential commodities are already skyrocketing. Chicken meat, sugar aside, pulses and vegetables are also becoming beyond the purchasing power of the common man.

Muhammad Sajjad
Muhammad Sajjad
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