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Shutter Down Strike today in Pakistan Due to Inflation, High electricity Bills

Shutter Down Strike today in Pakistan Due to Inflation High electricity Bills

Karachi/Lahore (02 Sept, 2023): Today, many shops are closed because people are not happy with how costly things have become and the high bills for electricity. This idea to close the shops came from Jamaat-e-Islami and some business groups.

Some important people from Karachi’s business community have told the temporary government that they have only 72 hours to fix this problem. They want the government to make electricity cheaper and to take back the extra money they’re charging on petrol.

Most of the big markets in Karachi are closed because of this. However, small shops in neighborhoods are still open. People are also asking for the arrest of bad guys who did something wrong to a local lawyer named Nazia Nawaz.

If the government doesn’t fix the problems soon, these business people say they might close their shops for up to 10 days. This could be bad for everyone because then we can’t buy the stuff we need.

The small business owners are the ones who wanted this shop closure. The Karachi Chamber of Commerce is supporting them. Their leader, Muhammad Tariq Yusuf, says they’ll have a meeting in a few days to see what to do next.

Another important person, Irfan Iqbal Shaikh, also said that the government is making a big mistake by making petrol even more expensive. He thinks this will make everything else costly and hurt the country’s sales to other countries. He says the extra charge on petrol is now Rs 60 per liter and that’s really bad.

So, people are trying to figure out how to fix these problems so that life can get back to normal.

Muhammad Sajjad
Muhammad Sajjad
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