36 Cr Interest-Free Loans Approval for 11 Lahore Judges

Govt OKs Rs360M No-Interest Loans for LHC JudgesIn Lahore, the temporary Punjab government has said yes to giving big loans to 11 judges. They are getting more than 36 crore rupees altogether. Each judge is getting an amount that’s like having their basic pay for three whole years! On average, that’s about 3 crore rupees for each judge.

This special group that talks about money in the government said it’s okay to give these loans, and they won’t even charge any interest. That’s like borrowing money from a friend who doesn’t ask for extra when you give it back!

Now, these 11 judges are special. They once said ‘no’ to the government about something to do with sugar factories. And guess what? No one remembers any time the government gave loans like this to their own people.

So this is a really big deal and many people are talking about it. The basic pay for these judges is already more than 9 lakh rupees every month.


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