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Asia Cup: 70% chance of rain in Pakistan-India Cricket match

The Meteorological Department has forecasted a 70% chance of rainfall ahead of the highly anticipated cricket match between traditional arch-rivals Pakistan and India, scheduled for September 2nd in the Asia Cup tournament. 70 percent chance of rain in Pakistan-India Cricket match

The prediction comes from the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) Meteorological Department, which also expects more than 70% rainfall in Kandy throughout the week. Astonishingly, the forecast also indicates a substantial 102.55 mm of rain is likely.

The match between Pakistan and India is set to take place in Kandy this coming Saturday. However, there’s a significant likelihood that the weather conditions could impact not only the match itself but also the preceding practice sessions. The temperature during the game time is anticipated to range between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.

If rain leads to the match’s cancellation, India has an alternative route to secure a spot in the top four of the event. A win against Nepal would ensure their place in the subsequent rounds, where they would likely face Pakistan once again.

It’s worth noting that Pakistan, India, and Nepal comprise Group A of the tournament, while Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are in Group B.

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