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The Lahore High Court ordered the release of Parvez Elahi

 LAHORE:  A single bench of the High Court has ordered the immediate release of former Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi from the custody of NAB. The Lahore High Court ordered the release of Parvez Elahi

The court remarked that an inquiry would be conducted as to who and why Pervez Elahi was arrested despite the court order.

Justice Amjad Rafiq heard the petition filed against Parvez Elahi’s arrest in NAB. On behalf of NAB, Parvez Elahi was presented in the court at 11.50 minutes on the order of the court. The court, giving immediate interim relief, ordered the release of Parvez Elahi from NAB custody.

The court declared that there would be an inquiry as to why Pervez Elahi was arrested despite the court order.

It should be noted that the NAB prosecutor gave an assurance in the court yesterday that Parvez Elahi will be presented at 10 am on Friday, but despite the court order, Parvez Elahi was not presented before the court once again.

When the hearing started, the court asked the NAB prosecutor to tell me where Parvez Elahi is, why was he not presented to the court. Lawyer Punjab government Ghulam Sarwar Nahang took a stand that NAB wrote letters to the Punjab government for security, we did not get the written order for tomorrow’s hearing.

The court confirmed that the written order was issued only yesterday, which means you did not produce Parvez Elahi. NAB prosecutor’s position was that we are ready to produce Parvez Elahi but there are serious threats to Parvez Elahi’s life. The court remarked that your honor is with these courts.

Justice Amjad Rafiq once again ordered to production of Parvez Elahi in one hour. You are playing ping pong. Parvez Elahi has been produced in the trial court several times. Justice Amjad Rafiq issued clear instructions to leave the government, you should present Parvaiz Elahi. If the government does not cooperate with NAB, then it should not. The court ordered to produce Parvez Elahi within an hour and assured that if Parvez Elahi is not produced then DG NAB will issue an arrest warrant.

Former Punjab Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi appeared in the court on the court order. After the court order, NAB officials came to Parvez Elahi and said that if you are free from our side, you can go.

Later, Parvez Elahi while talking to the media in the courtroom said that whenever the PML-N has come, they have increased the inflation. The leadership of PML-N has fled to London by sinking the ship of the country. I was kept inside, I don’t know what they are doing to the country. Pervez Elahi further said that now the IMF has also asked to hold elections. I am determined.

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