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Asia Cup; Super Four stage matches likely to be shifted from Colombo

Due to heavy rains in Sri Lanka, the Super Four stage matches of Asia Cup 2023 are likely to be shifted from Colombo. Asia Cup Super Four stage matches likely to be shifted from Colombo

According to the reports of the Indian media, there has been heavy rain in Sri Lanka for the past few days, due to which the matches of the Asia Cup are also affected.

The match between Pakistan and India played in Pali Kele yesterday could not be completed due to heavy rain and ended without result.

The Asia Cup 2023 is being played under a hybrid model, with Pakistan and Sri Lanka jointly hosting the event.

The matches of the Super Four stage of the tournament are to be played in Colombo, but due to the monsoon season, Dambulla, Pali Kale and Colombo have been under the spell of heavy rain for the past five days and meteorologists have predicted that the rains will continue. have gone

There was some hope that at least the rains would stop in Colombo and the conditions would be suitable for the matches, but the heavy downpour in the Lincoln capital is now forcing the Asian Cricket Council to reconsider its decision.

Now here’s the catch. The Asia Cup this year is kinda special. It’s not just happening in one country; both Pakistan and Sri Lanka are hosting it. And the next big games, the Super Four stage, were supposed to happen in Colombo, Sri Lanka. But guess what? The weather’s not playing nice. Places like Dambulla, Pali Kale, and Colombo have been raining cats and dogs for days! And it doesn’t look like it’s gonna stop anytime soon.

People were hoping that maybe, just maybe, the rain would take a break in Colombo so the matches could go on. But no luck! Now the Asian Cricket Council (that’s the ACC for you) is thinking about making some changes. They’re kinda worried ’cause the first match in Colombo is supposed to happen on September 9, and the weather’s not looking good at all.

So, what’s gonna happen? Well, the ACC is gonna decide really soon, probably in a day or two, about moving the matches somewhere else. Yep, that’s what the news says. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope we get to see some awesome cricket action, rain or shine!

The first match of the Asia Cup series in Colombo will be played on September 9 and the ACC is concerned about the weather conditions in the city. According to Indian media, ACC is expected to take a decision regarding the transfer of matches in a day or two.

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