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14 August Speech in English (Pakistan Independence Day Taqreer)

Pakistan’s Independence Day or 14 August 1947 is a special national holiday celebrated every year on the 14th of August. It marks the day when Pakistan gained independence from British rule in 1947. Pakistan Independence Day is celebrated with great love and enthusiasm all over Pakistan, and it is a time for Pakistanis to come together and remember the sacrifices of their ancestors who fought for our independence. The post is about the 14 August Speech in English and the best Pakistan Independence Day Taqreer to practice in schools and colleges.

Pakistan Independence Day Essay Taqreer Speech

Best 14th August Pakistan Independence Day Speech in English download

History of Pakistan’s Independence Day

On the night of 14 August 1947, Pakistan became an independent country. The Indian Independence Act of 1947 was passed by the British Parliament, which gave birth to two new independent states, India and Pakistan.

The act came into effect on August 15, 1947, and the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, hoisted the national flag at the Constituent Assembly in Karachi. The day was marked by widespread celebrations and joyous gatherings throughout the newly created nation. If you want to perform the Independence Day Speech of Pakistan 14 August 1947, then below is your topic.

Celebrations of Independence Day in Pakistan

Pakistanis celebrate Independence Day with great enthusiasm and patriotism. The day starts with the hoisting of the national flag at important public and private buildings, including the President House, Prime Minister House, and Parliament House. People also decorate their homes and streets with green and white flags and banners, which are the colors of the Pakistani flag.

The day is marked by special parades, flag-raising ceremonies, and fireworks displays in major cities throughout the country. Additionally, the President of Pakistan addresses the nation on this day, and it is broadcasted live on national television.

Significance of Independence Day in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Independence Day holds great significance for its citizens. It is a day of pride and patriotism, and people celebrate it with the utmost respect and honor. The day serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by their ancestors and the struggles they faced to gain independence. It is a time for Pakistanis to come together and unite as a nation, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds.

In conclusion, Pakistan’s Independence Day is a time to celebrate the country’s achievements and to remember the sacrifices made by those who fought for the country’s independence. The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pride throughout the country. Get 14 August Speech in English online here.

14 August Speech in English (Pakistan Independence Day Taqreer)

14 August Speech in English (Pakistan Independence Day Taqreer)

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