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GCUF MS LLM MPhil PhD Merit List 2023


GCUF MS LLM MPhil PhD Merit List

Government College University, Faisalabad has finalized the admissions fall 2023 merit lists today. GCUF is a well-known university in Punjab and everyone dreams to take admission to the university. Therefore, thousands of candidates have applied to get admission to GC University Faisalabad. Candidates have applied for MS, LLM, MPhil, and Ph.D. admissions Fall 2023.

MS LLM MPhil PhD GCUF Merit List 2023 for Admission Fall 2023

However to scrutinize the candidates GCUF has conducted the admission entry test for MS, LLM, MPhil, and Ph.D. programs. Candidates who appeared for the GCUF admission entry test were waiting for the GCUF merit list 2023.

Check Merit Lists

GCUF entry test was conducted following covid SOPs. Now the GC University Faisalabad has announced the entry test result for the admission test organized by the GCUF. All those candidates who have applied for admission in MS, LLM, MPhil, and Ph.D. programs, can now able to check the GCUF entry test result 2023 on this page.

GCUF Merit List 2023 GC University

GC University, Faisalabad has published the admission test merit lists 2023 GCUF for all degree programs. Thus, candidates can check GC University admission test merit list 2023 on this page. GCUF has uploaded the merit list of MS, LLM, MPhil, and Ph.D. online. So, all the candidates can view merit lists of GC University at the official website of GCUF or check on our page.

GCUF has announced admission Fall 2023 for the following departments;

Sr. No.Department
1Department of Applied Chemistry
2Department of Applied Linguistics
3Department of Applied Psychology
4Department of Arabic
5Department of Biochemistry
6Department of Bioinformatics & Biotechnology
7Department of Botany
8Department of Chemistry
9Department of College of Law
10Department of Commerce
11Department of Computer Science
12Department of Food Science
13Department of Eastern Medicine
14Department of Home Economics
15Department of Nutritional Sciences
16Department of Economics
17Department of Education
18Department of Electric Engineering
19Department of English
20Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
21Department of Fine Arts
22Department of Geography
23Department of History & Pakistan Studies
24Department of Information Technology
25Department of Islamic Studies
26Department of Lyallpur Business School
27Department of Mass Communication
28Department of Mathematics
29Department of Microbiology
30Department of Pakistan Studies
31Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
32Department of Pharmaceutics
33Department of Pharmacology
34Department of Pharmacy Practice
35Department of Physics
36Department of Physiology
37Department of Political Science
38Department of Public Administration
39Department of Punjabi
40Department of Sociology
41Department of Software Engineering
42Department of Statistics
43Department of Urdu
44Department of Zoology

GCUF Merit List 2023 Qualified Candidates

The students are advised to check the GCUF Merit List 2023 and the list of qualified candidates for admission Fall 2023. You can view the merit list of GC university online or download it for later use. Check merit list by name and submit your admission fee after your name is found in the merit list of GC University. We have provided links for GCUF all program merit list 2023. So, check the GC university merit list 2023 from the below-mentioned table.

Sr. No.Program TitleList of Qualified Candidate  Morning List
1Ph.D. Applied LinguisticsMerit List Merit List  
2M.Phil Applied LinguisticsMerit List Merit List
3Ph.D. Applied PsychologyMerit List Merit List
4MS Clinical PsychologyMerit List Merit List  
5Ph.D. ArabicMerit List Merit List  
6M.Phil ArabicMerit List Merit List  
7Ph.D. BiochemistryMerit List Merit List
8M.Phil Bio-ChemistryMerit List Merit List
9Ph.D. BiotechnologyMerit List Merit List  
10MS BiotechnologyMerit List Merit List  
11MS BioinformaticsMerit List Merit List  
12Ph.D. BotanyMerit List Merit List
13M.Phil BotanyMerit List Merit List  
14Ph.D. ChemistryMerit List Merit List  
15M.Phil Organic ChemistryMerit List Merit List  
16M.Phil Physical ChemistryMerit List Merit List
17M.Phil Analytical ChemistryMerit List Merit List
18M.Phil Inorganic ChemistryMerit List Merit List
19LLMMerit List Merit List  
20M.Phil COMMERCEMerit List Merit List  
21Ph.D. Computer ScienceMerit List Merit List  
22MS Computer ScienceMerit List Merit List  
23Ph.D. Food Science and TechnologyMerit List Merit List  
24MS Food Science and TechnologyMerit List Merit List  
25Ph.D. Eastern MedicineMerit List Merit List
26M.Phil PhytomedicineMerit List Merit List  
27MS Food and NutritionMerit List Merit List  
28Ph.D. Human Nutrition & DieteticsMerit List Merit List  
29MS Human Nutrition and DieteticsMerit List Merit List
30Ph.D. EconomicsMerit List Merit List
31M.Phil EconomicsMerit List Merit List
32Ph.D. EducationMerit List Merit List  
33M.Phil EducationMerit List Merit List  
34Ph.D. Electrical EngineeringMerit List Merit List
35MS Electrical EngineeringMerit List Merit List
36Ph.D. EnglishMerit List Merit List  
37M.Phil English LiteratureMerit List Merit List  
38Ph.D. Environmental ScienceMerit List Merit List
39M.Phil Environmental ScienceMerit List Merit List  
40M.Phil Art and DesignMerit List Merit List  
41Ph.D. GeographyMerit List Merit List  
42M.Phil Geography (GIS)Merit List Merit List  
43M.Phil GeographyMerit List Merit List  
44M.Phil HistoryMerit List Merit List  
45MS Information TechnologyMerit List Merit List  
46Ph.D. Islamic StudiesMerit List Merit List  
47M.Phil Islamic StudiesMerit List Merit List  
48Ph.D. Business AdministrationMerit List Merit List
49EMBA 2 YearsMerit List Merit List
50MS Business AdministrationMerit List Merit List  
51MBA 2 YearsMerit List Merit List  
52M.Phil Mass CommunicationMerit List Merit List  
53Ph.D. MathematicsMerit List Merit List  
54M.Phil MathematicsMerit List Merit List  
55Ph.D. MicrobiologyMerit List Merit List  
56M.Phil MicrobiologyMerit List Merit List
57M.Phil Pakistan StudiesMerit List Merit List
58Ph.D. Pharmaceutical ChemistryMerit List Merit List  
59M.Phil Pharmaceutical ChemistryMerit List Merit List  
60Ph.D. PharmaceuticsMerit List Merit List
61M.Phil PharmaceuticsMerit List Merit List
62Ph.D. PharmacologyMerit List Merit List  
63M.Phil PharmacologyMerit List Merit List  
64M.Phil Pharmacy PracticsMerit List Merit List
65Ph.D. PhysicsMerit List Merit List  
66M.Phil PhysicsMerit List Merit List  
67M.Phil Physics (Nanotechnology)Merit List Merit List  
68Ph.D. PhysiologyMerit List Merit List
69M.Phil PhysiologyMerit List Merit List  
70Ph.D. Political ScienceMerit List Merit List  
71M.Phil Political ScienceMerit List Merit List  
72MS Public AdministrationMerit List Merit List
73M.Phil PunjabiMerit List Merit List  
74Ph.D. SociologyMerit List Merit List  
75M.Phil SociologyMerit List Merit List
76MS Software EngineeringMerit List Merit List  
77Ph.D. StatisticsMerit List Merit List  
78M.Phil StatisticsMerit List Merit List  
79Ph.D. UrduMerit List Merit List
80M.Phil UrduMerit List Merit List  
81Ph.D. ZoologyMerit List Merit List  
82M.Phil ZoologyMerit List Merit List
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