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FBR Draw Balloting Result August 2023 Complete Winner List

FBR Draw Balloting ResultIf you are searching for the FBR lucky draw result winner list of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prize winners’ name online, you are on the perfect platform. We will update here the complete result of the FBR lucky draw which will be held on 15 August 2023. FBR balloting will start in the evening and the draw results can be seen on this website.

FBR Draw Balloting Result August 2023 Complete Winner List

FBR has introduced a very interesting scheme named the FBR Point of Sale (POS) prize scheme. In this prize scheme, a customer buys anything from FBR registered outlets that are integrated with the FBR tax network. After buying customer will have to demand a receipt (Pakki Raseed). On the receipt, the customer will see an invoice number. Write this invoice number in a message and send it to 9966 to verify the receipt. You can also use Tax Asaan App to verify invoices online. When your invoice is verified, your entry will be included in FBR lucky draw balloting.

POS Prize Winner List August 2023

FBR Lucky Draw Winners List August 2023

POS prize scheme lucky draw balloting is scheduled to be held on the 15th of every month. So, customer who has verified their invoices through the FBR verification system wins prizes worth 53 million rupees. FBR’s first prize also called bumper prize winner wins ten lac rupees (1,000,000) which are given to one person only. While the second prize winner winds five lac rupees each (500,000) which is given to two persons. However, the third prize winner wins two lac fifty thousand rupees each (250,000) which is given to four persons. In the end, a general prize is awarded to the one thousand lucky winners of the FBR balloting result.

Download FBR Winners List

How to Check Your Name in FBR Lucky Draw Result?

  • Download FBR lucky draw winners list for August 2023 online or check the procedure to check your name in FBR lucky draw balloting result here.
  • Visit the official website of FBR
  • Find the lucky draw balloting result online in the POS Prize Scheme section
  • Click the POS prize winners list of 15 August 2023
  • Download the list and find your name, invoice number from the list
  • You can also check your name by searching your mobile number or CNIC number
  • Search result by CNIC No or Mobile No.
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