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Chemistry 2nd Year Guess Paper 2023

Are you looking for the 12th Class Chemistry 2nd Year Guess Paper 2023 yes? Then this page is perfect for you. In this article, you will get the chemistry 2nd year Guess Paper 2023. Many candidates take chemistry as a difficult subject and before exams, they are searching for the guess papers or past Board Papers. For the ease of students, we provide here 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2023. Chemistry 2nd Year Guess Paper

Download Chemistry 2nd Year Guess Paper 2023

Candidates can download Chemistry 2nd Year Guess Paper 2023. This Guess Paper is for all the Punjab Boards BISE LAHORE, BISE RWP, BISE FSD, BISE MULTAN, BISE GRW, BISE SAHIWAL, AND BISE SARGODHA. chemistry 2nd year (12TH) Class Guess paper 2023 includes Important short and long questions of important Chapters. Students of the 12th Class can view below the Important Short and Long Questions Of 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper.


Important Short Questions of 2nd Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2023

  • Write two differences between being with its family members.
  • What are lanthanide contractions?
  •  Give four uses of nitric acid?
  • why does metallic character increase from top to bottom in a group of metals?
  • Why is 2% gypsum added to cement?
  • What is carbonization?
  • What is iodized salt?
  • Describe two uses of helium?
  • Give reaction of P2O23 with cold and hot water?
  • write any two uses of krypton?
  • Why does the solubility of noble gasses increase down the group?
  • What are aromatic compounds? Explain with examples?
  • Alkali metals give ionic hydrides why?
  • why metals are good conductors?
  • Covert methanol into ethanol?
  • why does water has a higher boiling point than ethanol?
  • What is the ninhydrin test?
  • Why is ethene an important industrial chemical?

Important Long Questions Include:

  • Explain the term periodic table and the improvements made in Mendeleev’s periodic table?
  • Discuss the preparation of sodium hydroxide on a commercial scale by diaphragm cell and nelsons cell?
  • Describe the process of sodium metal manufacturing by Downs cell?
  • How will you convert boric acid into Borax and vice versa?
  • Describe the important sources of organic compounds?
  • Define Isomerism. Explain its types?
  • How alcohols are prepared to give their uses and properties?
  • Give a comparison of reactivity of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes?
  • Describe the SN2 reaction of alkyl halides in detail?

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