Why should a corona test be planned for you?

We are all witnessing the second wave of Corona that has been feared for months. The number of cases coming up on a daily basis is increasing rapidly. Many hospitals do not have the capacity to accommodate more patients. Who Should Get Tested for COVID-19

The current wave of the corona has been described as more dangerous in view of the weather conditions, in which the rate of spread of the disease may be many times higher.

Common symptoms of corona are difficulty breathing, coughing and fever. Various tests are done to diagnose it. The most reliable and widely performed test in the world is the PCR test, which takes a sample through the nose or throat of a suspected corona patient and confirms the presence or absence of the virus.

This is the most tested in the world and in Pakistan. In addition, antibody tests are also performed, but in terms of results and sensitivity, PCR tests are considered more reliable in Pakistan as well as around the world.

It has been commonly observed that if a person, despite having corona symptoms, is asked to undergo a PCR test, most patients refuse to undergo the test or resort to reluctance for a variety of reasons. The following are:

  1. Symptoms are mild, 2. Health is improving, 3. Fear of restrictions, 4. Lack of financial resources, 5. Denial of Corona’s existence

The result of this situation is that due to the low number of total tests, it cannot be diagnosed in patients and its prevalence is constant.

This begs the question, why is it necessary to take this test? We know that this corona is a non-fatal disease that spreads very quickly through the coughing and breathing of an infected person. Many people who do not have symptoms due to strong immunity also become a source of its spread. Therefore, it is important to get tested for corona so that if a person has the virus, they can take precautionary measures to prevent it from spreading further.

In other words, we can say that the most important benefit of getting tested is to the patient and more so to his family or the people around him, because if someone is diagnosed with the disease, he will find himself. Isolated from others for a certain period of time and the virus does not infect his family or the people around him. Therefore, all people who have symptoms of corona should have a PCR test immediately.

The test is currently being performed in both government and non-government laboratories. The test is free of charge in government hospitals and government-allocated laboratories, as well as laboratories run by several charities. There are also many laboratories that offer in-house testing.

Antibody tests should not be used to diagnose corona because:

  1. The antibody test does not come positive within the first ten to fifteen days of the disease, so if a corona patient also gets tested during this period, the virus is negative.
  2. Antibody tests show immunity in the body, not infectivity. However, it is important to note that the corona spreads rapidly through the affected person.
  3. Many corona patients do not make antibodies or have very small amounts.

Therefore, PCR test is necessary to diagnose corona and the same should be done. However, it should be noted that even in the PCR test, corona negative can occur in twenty to thirty percent of the patients. In this case, if the patient has suspicious symptoms, many doctors recommend isolation as a precaution, which should be followed.

Nowadays, colds and coughs have become more common due to the cold, and these are the symptoms that resemble corona. Therefore, it is more important to test for corona so that in both cases the necessary precautions can be taken and the further spread of the disease can be prevented.


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