Underground affair: Man builds tunnel to his lover’s home

Underground Affair - Lover Gets Caught
Underground Tunnel – Affair

Underground Affair News

Alberto, a professional construction worker from Mexico County in North America, has relations with Pamela, a married woman from the Tijuana neighborhood of Villas del Prado 1 while the lady’s husband George was at his security job.

To keep his love and relationship secret from Pamela’s husband, Alberto began working on an underground tunnel that reached all the way to Pamela’s residence. After the construction of the underground tunnel, the couple began secret meetings, but this meeting took place when Pamela’s husband George went to the office.

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One day George arrived home earlier than usual and caught them in the act. Pamela’s husband found Alberto hiding behind the sofa and noticed a tunnel. When George entered the tunnel, it led him all the way to Alberto’s home.

It is reported that when he reached Alberto’s house, he started apologizing to George not to disclose the affair to his own wife, who was sleeping in the room, but later Alberto confessed his sin.


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