Torrential rains in Hong Kong, 140-year record broken

Really heavy rains have stopped normal life in Hong Kong. Reports from outside the country say that this is the most rain Hong Kong has had in 140 years. Heavy rains in Hong Kong

The streets, even in busy areas, look more like ponds now. Water is also flooding into places where people shop and take the subway, making it really hard to do anything.

To keep people safe, the government has closed all schools and is telling everyone to stay home.

According to the Hong Kong weather office, the city has had more than 158 mm of rain since last Thursday.

Hong Kong got a lot of rain, the most in 140 years. Schools are closed and people are told to stay home. This heavy rain came from an old typhoon. Roads, shops, and subways are flooded. There’s even a warning about landslides in some areas.

The weather office said it rained 158.1 millimeters in one hour, which is a record. They also warned about quick floods near rivers. People should be ready to leave their homes if needed.

John Lee, the head of Hong Kong, is telling all parts of the government to do their best to help. The weather office gave the highest warning for this rainstorm and thinks it will keep raining until noon.

This big rain came after a typhoon hit Taiwan and then China. Experts say these kinds of big storms and floods may happen more because of climate change.

The weather experts have given the highest-level warning called ‘Black Rainstorm’ because of the risk of even more heavy rain.

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