Tikki Mehndi Design 2023 Simple

Tikki Mehndi Design Simple

Tikki mehndi designs are famous among girls and brides. It is not a new trend, yet it has been in the practice of many mehndi lovers since the start of this mehndi culture. A gol tikki mehndi design is a traditional Asian henna design, that features a central motif in the shape of a flower or a circle surrounded by smaller designs.

To create a tikki mehndi design, begin by drawing a small circle at the center of your palm. From the center, draw other small circles around it that will form the petals of the flower.

Tikki Mehndi Design 2023

In order to create a more stylish design, you can add smaller circles within the flower petals. Then draw leaves, petals, and other details around the circle to make it look like a flower. You can also add dots, straight lines, and other small shapes to further adorn your basic tikki mehndi design. Finally, outline the entire design with a thin line.

Tikki mehndi designs are a popular type of mehndi design that feature bold, linear patterns and motifs. Tikki mehndi is a type of henna art traditionally used in weddings and special occasions in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc.

Tikki Mehndi Design Simple

This is the only henna design that can be worn on all occasions with simplicity and elegance. Back in the old days in the sub-continent, the girls used to dissolve henna powder or crush henna leaves and make a paste, then apply this paste after setting it for the rest of the day to have better results.

It was used to be stenciled by using a toothpick a matchstick, or a bamboo stick to make lines and simple patterns of designs. However, this is now the most popular, with more advanced trendy styles in tikki mehndi designs.

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If you need more ideas, there are many gol tikki mehndi designs available online at Pinterest that you can use as references. Have fun experimenting with your tikki mehndi design and be creative!

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