The invention of “Intelligent insulin” to control diabetes

Medical experts in Denmark have invented a new type of insulin whose molecules detect blood sugar and respond in exactly the same way. Blood sugar should be reduced to “normal” but not so low that the patient’s life is lost. The invention of "Intelligent insulin" to control diabetes

It should be noted that as diabetes progresses, patients need to inject insulin directly, but this is a precautionary measure.

If the right amount of insulin does not reach the blood, the amount of blood sugar cannot be controlled properly and there is a risk to the patient.

Conversely, if the amount of insulin in the blood is more than the right amount, it also eliminates the blood sugar that is essential for the patient. This leads to hypoglycemia in the patient’s blood, which can lead to sudden death.

The “intelligent insulin” invented by European experts, also known as “self-adjusting insulin”, is still in its infancy and is currently being successfully tested on animals.

Details of this research have been published in the latest issue of “Chemistry: A European Journal” .

It is hoped that early human trials of “intelligent insulin” will begin by next year. If successful in these trials, the series will be taken further and it is hoped that this new type of insulin will be available for public use in the next five to six years.



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