SSGC Karachi Gas Load Shedding Schedule 2023

Sui Southern gas company announces gas load shedding schedule for Ramazan 2023. SSGC officials said that gas would be supplied during after and sehar timings.

SSGC Gas Load Shedding and availability Schedule 2023 

The issue of SSGC gas load shedding remains a main concern for Karachi residents. The sui southern company SSGC supplies gas to Sindh Balochistan and other areas of Karachi. Gas load shedding is cutting off several areas for a specific period. Pakistan is currently relying on Liquified natural gas LNG to meet its energy needs, Similarly, due to fluctuation in High global prices SSGC faces challenges in upgrading its infrastructure. So now the Company decide to provide gas to different areas at different times to meet every resident’s need during Ramadan 2023.

SSGC Gas Supply During Aftar and Sehar Schedule 2023

If you are living in Karachi it is to inform you about the latest gas Load shedding Karachi timings 2023. Sui gas load shedding schedule in Ramadan 2023 according to the SSGC statement ” The gas load shedding will be conducted from 8:00 in the morning to 2:30 pm. You can Check the SSGC website or use the helpline for Online Complains regarding gas load shedding.

According to Sui southern gas company officials, SSGC Gas supply to areas including North Nizamabad, Chowrangi, Gulshan e Iqbal and new Karachi has been suspended since 8:00 am. Aftar gas will be provided to the domestic residents of Karachi areas from 2:30 to 7:30, while for the Sehari Timings of Gas will be from 2:30 to 5:30. Consumers will face difficulty with a low-pressure gas in other hours.


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