Sidra Niazi gets married to Osman Khalid Butt?

Sidra Niaz gets married to Osman Khalid Butt?

The Pak celebrities tying the knots have always been breaking news to their fans. In the past, we came across a lot of unexpected weddings from celebrities across Pakistan and each one of them made their space in the headline. It looks like the series is still going on and fans are expecting something new every day. if you are looking for Sidra Niazi gets married to Osman Khalid Butt? Wedding Photos, viral pictures, latest news updates, celebrity couple model and actor Sidra and Usman marriage? Check photos of Sidra Niazi wedding pictures and Usman Khalid Butt wedding pictures.

Recently, a viral picture of Sidra Niazi and Osman Khalid Butt’s wedding has seen on social media platforms and their fans are wondering if the celebrity has actually married or not.

Sidra Niaz gets married to Osman Khalid Butt?

These wedding pictures of Sidra Niazi and Osman Khalid leave fans excited but still not sure about if they are actually married.

Sidra Niaz gets married to Osman Khalid Butt?

In the above wedding photos of Sidra Niazi and Usman Khalid shared by social media platforms, Usman Khalid Butt and Sidra Niazi are shown as beautiful groom and bride.

Most of the fans thought that the couple actually got married. But still, it’s hard to say that the couple is married. Both the Usman & Sidra are looking absolutely stunning in these viral photos.

Sidra Niaz get married to Osman Khalid Butt?

About Sidra Niazi

The model & actress Sidra Niazi has captured the imagination and hearts of her fans in a short period of time. It looks like her reign is just getting started.

Her favorite pastime during the lockdown phase was Netflix. She says that the most precious relationship that she experienced during tough times is friends even she doesn’t share her secrets with anyone comfortably. She had the best quality that she can forgive and forget very easily. According to Sidra Niazi, the worst part of her job is that she can’t eat all the time. People insist that she is wearing lenses.

Sidra Niaz gets married to Osman Khalid Butt?

While looking at these photos, the fans have been speculating whether it is the original news or only a scene from any upcoming drama serial. It’s so early to say something about the photos of the couple as no one makes any statement in this regard.

What do you think while reading this article and clicks on photos? What’s your guess about this couple? Don’t forget to share your feedback with us!


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