Short-term high blood pressure at any age can affect the brain

Whether you are middle-aged or elderly, short-term hypertension can accelerate a decline in brain and cognitive impairment. It is found that Short-term high blood pressure at any age can affect the brain. Short-term high blood pressure at any age can affect the brain

A report published in the journal Hypertension states that although high blood pressure affects the brain’s abilities if the condition persists for a short period of time in any part of life, it can lead to brain damage. The process of affecting is accelerated.

Whether the blood pressure trend starts in middle age or attacks in old age, the acquired loss is the same. This was revealed by Sandy Brito, a professor at the Federal Minas Grace University in Brazil. Their research further shows that this damage can be prevented if blood pressure is controlled in any way. This further clarifies the need for timely diagnosis and treatment of blood pressure.

Dr. Brito and his colleagues surveyed 7,000 people across Brazil with an average age of 59 years. The survey lasted for four years. In this study, on the one hand, blood pressure was noted and on the other hand, other people underwent some tests of attention, concentration, thinking and logic.

According to the survey, high blood pressure of 121 to 139 and low blood pressure of 81 to 89, although not very high, but people with this condition were not taking any medicine. In this situation, too, participants in middle age and old age showed similar brain and acquired damage.

Thus, it was found that if the blood pressure rises even for a short time, it can speed up the process of affecting the mental and intellectual capacity. Compared to those who took medication to control their blood pressure, those who did not take any medication had a faster decline in brain degeneration.

After this research, experts have said that blood pressure is very harmful in every way and every way should be taken to control it.



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