Phone Calls Load Shedding

The telecom companies warn of Phone calls Load shedding across the country. During the meeting of the senate standing committee on finance. The telecommunication officers informed the senate that due to a massive hike in the tax on fiber optic cable. Phone call load-shedding would be observed in Pakistan in the coming days.


Phone Calls Load Shedding


Phone Calls Load Shedding Telecom Company

After a massive increase in the taxes, the telecom companies warned of load shedding. Like Electricity outages in the country, Phone Calls Load shedding will be observed. In the meeting session of the senate, the telecom companies officers’ said that only 10% of the fiber optic cable towers are used in the country. Representatives also said that the Federal government has hiked the taxes on the import of fiber optic by 15 % though duty has been increased to 20 %. Furthermore, Pakistan will lose the global connectivity race in case the government does not reduce the tax. go to the federal government website to check for tax hikes on every product.

The senate committee ensured that they will request the federal government to decrease the tax on fiber optic cable. The senator was informed that the telecom companies facing difficulties as a result of enhanced taxes on importing fiber optic.

Telecom Company warned of Phone calls Load Shedding 

They said ” we demand to reduce the tax on import of fiber optic to 8%. If the federal government does not decrease the tax Telecom companies will make Phone Calls loadsehding. The public will face difficulties in the coming days. For more details and recent news visit our page news



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