Lifelike replicas of people’s faces displayed for Sale

A mask company in Tokyo, Japan has start selling hyper-realistic face masks made using 3D printing technology that change the appearance of wearer into an unidentified young Japani. The owner of the shop Shuhei Okawara paid 40,000 yen to choose his model from more than 120 applicants who sent their photos in October when he launched this project.

Everyone can buy this super-realistic face mask in 98,000 yen (PKR 152,385) or $950 from Kamenya OMOTE, a shop in Tokyo, Japan. These mask which are based on real person’s faces are displayed at the shop of Shuhei Okawara and will go on sale from the start of next year in 2021 in japan.

Shuhei Okawara, the owner of Kamenya OMOTE mask shop plans to gradually add more faces from overseas, to lineup.


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