How To Delete TikTok Account 2023

How To Delete TikTok Account

Delete the TikTok account permanently, As TikTok is a famous social media app, Therefore, used almost all over the world in every country and every person uses this in their leisure time.

Delete TikTok Account Permanently  

Lately, some news releases have that TikTok can steal your personal information due to security reasons Pakistan Government banned TikTok for short time. Recently U.S. President also banned this app for security concerns. Being too addicted to this app, you may permanently delete your TikTok account. So follow the easy steps to delete your TikTok account.

  • Open the TikTok app on your mobile phone
  • Then you can three bar lines on the top of the menu upper right corner of the app.
  • Tap settings and privacy option
  • Where you can see the option manage account press on that and Delete the account
  • Next some questions will be asked by the TikTok officials why you are deleting your account.
  • You can also backup your tiktok account data from the option below.
  • After 30 Days your account will be deleted permanently.

How To Deactivate My TikTok Account?

For some security and privacy reasons if you decide to delete your tiktok account in 2023. Don’t need to worry you can deactivate your account for a short time, and activate it back after 30 days or anytime you want to use your account again. You can recover account back with just a few steps.

  • Go to the app and open it on your mobile phone
  • You can see the option sign in and sign up.
  • From the sign-in option or already have an account/login.
  • Enter your username or id and password.
  • You will be access to your tiktok account again on your mobile phone or browser.

If you want to restrict your account privacy concerns, manage your privacy and security option and access to options according to you. TikTok provides you to block a user and report a video or account. Click here for more details and get help from the tiktok help Centre officially.


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