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230,000 seats filled: DigiSkills courses registeration

Digiskills Courses
DigiSkills – Training 1 Million People


DigiSkills program’s mission is to impart 1 million people training in the future of work. DigiSkills Training Program has recently opened registration for Batch-09 courses from January 01, 2023. DigiSkills courses registration is totally free of cost.

DigiSkills Batch-09 total allocated Seats

230,000 total seats have been allocated for DigiSkills courses registration for Batch-09 while 20,000 seats are reserved for Baluchistan, including 5000 seats for South Baluchistan where applicants can select 2 courses of their choice.

Enroll at which offers free courses like; DigiSkills freelancing course, DigiSkills E-commerce Management course, DigiSkills creative writing course, DigiSkills graphics design course, DigiSkills AutoCAD course, DigiSkills SEO course, DigiSkills Digital Marketing course, and DigiSkills Digital Literacy course.

The courses offered in DigiSkills are offering totally free online courses. Seats were available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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DigiSkills warns interested candidates earlier that we take no responsibility if you miss the chance to enroll before seats run out. If seats are filled before the end date, then enrolments will end at that point, and no extra seat will be provided in that case.

Trainees show their massive interest as enrollments for batch-09 has been completed within 3 days which reflects the popularity of the organization DigiSkills. Record-breaking news from DigiSkills is that over 130,000 enrolments were achieved in the first twelve hours of enrolment opening, which was a remarkable accomplishment.

Batch-09 Additional Seats for Balochistan
Batch-09 – Additional Seats

DigiSkills Batch-09 Additional Seats

However, 20000 additional seats which the Ministry of IT decided to allocate exclusively for Baluchistan in Batch 9 including 5000 seats for South Baluchistan residents are still open. Interested candidates of Baluchistan can enroll themselves in 2 free courses offered by DigiSkills in Batch-09 by following these steps.

If you are already registered with DigiSkills and completed your profile, then skip the first 3 steps and move forward.


How to enroll in the DigiSkills course

DigiSkills sign in details

  1. DigiSkills login
  2. Confirm your account by email verification
  3. Complete your profile at LMS DigiSkills
  4. LMS Digiskills enroll in Batch-09
  5. First login to your profile, a text message will appear on your LMS Home Page which is “Dear Trainee! The seats/enrollments for Batch-09 are filled up. If you are Baluchistan resident, click here to apply for enrollment on Special Quota”.
  6. Click on the “click here” option from the above message
  7. Now upload your CNIC’s front and backside image (if you have B-form you can still apply)
  8. Please provide the correct information
  9. Click the “enroll now” option
  10. Select 2 courses of your choice for Batch-09
  11. Save the form and you are registered.

DigiSkills team will verify your documents and update your enrolment status on LMS within a few days.


DigiSkills Courses List

DSTP (DigiSkills Training Program) is offering 10 online courses without any fee. All the courses have been prepared under the guidance and help of well-qualified and highly experienced trainers. The list of DigiSkills courses is as follows;

  1. DigiSkills Freelancing
  2. DigiSkills E-Commerce Management
  3. DigiSkills Creative Writing
  4. DigiSkills Graphics Design
  5. DigiSkills QuickBooks
  6. DigiSkills WordPress
  7. DigiSkills AutoCAD
  8. DigiSkills Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  9. DigiSkills Digital Marketing
  10. DigiSkills Digital Literacy


DigiSkills Batch-09 Commence Date

DigiSkill Batch-09 will commence on Monday, February 1, 2023, and the video lectures of the first week will be uploaded on the LMS (Learning Management System) of DigiSkills on the said date by 11:00 AM. DSTP team committed to providing support services to the candidates as per previous practice.

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